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Welcome to Spicy Sensual Massage

You are invited to our nice and cosy studio located in Barnet, North London for the best  relaxation massage, sensual body-to-body and tantric massages .
Our aim is to provide you with a massage that will leave you totally relaxed, reinvigorated and with very sweet memories.

The masseuses, both beautiful and sensual, await you for your precious hour of total relaxation.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a massage usually applied to the entire body, more delicate than the norm, which helps relieve fatigue and restore energy to your body. Relaxation massage is performed with soft- scented oils and creams that stimulate both well-being and relaxation, in addition to helping you to unwind and get rid of stress.

Perfect for those with barely a moment to spare in their hectic lives, and, once again, performed by masseuses who, we promise, will not disappoint in any way.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a slow, sensual, spiritual massage and is performed with hot oils, specially created for this purpose.
It provides all the benefits of regular massage, but unlike most forms of hand-on manipulation, it is meant to be a deeply sensual experience. Taking the best techniques from a wide range of massage styles and giving them a provocative and powerful twist, tantric massage helps couples to tap into their sensual natures. Also, it gives you the tools to explore your sexuality and connect physically and emotionally.

The body massage, which promotes full relaxation, is followed by the stimulation of the erogenous zones and, through the tantric massage itself, which gives you, the client, intense pleasure, this represents an unbeatable combination! This is truly a unique experience that you will always remember. The energy can be very strong and overwhelming, but the masseuse will guide you through the process.

If you want to make an appointment for a tantric massage in Barnet, then please feel free to call us on 07799 677 616.

Same day bookings are available.

Try giving us 1 hour’s notice, if possible; occasionally we can do it straight away, depending on how busy we are.

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The Benefits of Massage for Body and Mind

One of the most profound benefits of massage is deep relaxation, reducing the stress and tension that is believed to be, directly or indirectly, the cause of nearly three-quarters of all illnesses.
Every single nerve in our bodies, including thousands in the skin, send messages to the brain, which is the control room of the nervous system. It monitors everything that goes on in our bodies, as well as our moods and feelings. In this way, touch is linked to emotions, and that’s why massage can help beat stress.

Clearing Your Mind

In the bustling flurry of life our minds are constantly in motion, generating a flow of thoughts. Meditation, yoga and spa retreats can all help to restore inner calm, but nothing works quite as effectively as a massage. The strength of massage lies in the fact that the recipient’s attention is on the movement of someone else’s hands upon his or her physical form. The person enjoying the massage doesn’t have to do anything at all, allowing his or her mind to take a back seat for a while. When you are in deep relaxation, your concerns fall into perspective, and you remember what’s really important in life.
Tantric massage has a powerful effect because it accesses and harnesses your natural sexual energy. This energy fills the mind, clearing it of cluttering thoughts and focusing it on a feeling of both harmony and orgasmic pleasure.

What Does ‘Tantric’ Mean?

The word tantric comes from ‘tantra’, which means ‘logic’ (or ‘reason’). ‘Tantra’ refers to the doing of something in a logical manner. Its complementary trait is the mantra (spiritual).

The tantric massage is not a form of sexual service. It is neither, as many imagine it to be, a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.

The Tantric massage is just one of many healing treatments in Ayurveda. Its distinguishing feature is how it specifically focuses on the stimulation of the marma (nerve points). Furthermore, the treatment is applicable to both men and women.

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