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After you have taken a shower, I will light some candles, and turn the lights on low, while I warm the oil, and you get ready, lie down and relax. The best way to enjoy this style of touch therapy is to try to be receptive, and relax as much as possible, allowing the quietness and soft music to set the mood.

RELAXATION MASSAGE is a gentle Swedish massage that uses basic strokes like effleurage. The massage therapist will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure.

Enjoy a completely relaxing massage whilst a fragrant and discreet light invigorates your senses, energizes your body, and suspends time, engulfed as you are in a feeling of harmony and detachment. You’ll feel completely reinvigorated and totally relaxed, especially on those occasions when you feel that you do not have much free time to spare and you want a moment when you can escape and achieve tranquillity.

• Swedish Sensual Massage: 45 min – £90

tantric-massageTANTRIC MASSAGE or sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person’s erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation.

We start by employing a soft, slow and erotic touch; this will make you feel special and will serve to stimulate you sexually, as all of your erogenous zones respond to the teasing of your organs and the erotic foreplay which are used. You will feel the intensity of your pleasure increasing with every touch until, barely able to contain yourself and more, the whole experience drives you wild.


You chose: our masseuses can be in beautiful, sexy lingerie,  or, if you wish, totally naked. There is nothing you need to know and nothing you need to do in order to enjoy the experience of a lifetime! Everything will be tailor-made for you, in order to satisfy your every desire and to maximize your pleasure. You chose and let us deliver!


• 45 min – Old £100New £80
• 60 min – Old £120New £100
• 90 min – Old £170New £150

The DOUBLE MASSAGE (on request only) is every man’s dream. This type of massage is made by two masseuses who will take care of your body and will offer you an unforgettable pleasure in a smooth combination of relaxing massage and tantric massage techniques. It is a real tantric show, a simultaneous, rhythmic and lustful dance, a continuous delight.

• 60 min – £220